Under the “News and Events” tab, check out our live music schedule – featuring local artists (thanks David!)


  • Alan Burr says:

    Do you send out email notifications of live music shows?

    • john says:

      Hi Alan,
      We do not, however that is a good suggestion. We currently only update the schedule on our website.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • randy cook says:

    please include me if you start a email distribution list

  • andy hawkey says:

    would love to hear about live music!

    Thanks and happy new year!

  • Morgan says:

    I liked the list of entertainment – but it stopped in January. Are you still having acts come there? If you do I will make a road trip to check it out for fun. Looks like a cute place.

    • Rose says:

      Hi Morgan,
      Our music schedule is now updated and we will continue to post our monthly line-up. We continue to host live music every Thursday evening from 7-9pm, mostly local musicians ranging from Bluegrass to Country/Folk to Reggae. Hope to see you sometime.

  • Sal says:

    Hello. My name is Sal and I am with the Red Vinyl Band. We have been playing up and down the Peninsula over the last 18 months and friends of our Edgewater Mountain Boys, are performing at your establishment coming up shortly. Would like to know if my band might get an opportunity to play as well.
    Here is a link to some of our music but our genre runs from as early as the 50s to todays music


    Looking forward to hearing from you



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