The Bar

Like many business owners back in the day, Alice herself once lived in the back room, which is now the bar for Alice’s Restaurant.

Happy hour is: 3:00 – 7:00 – Monday – Friday

*Bar only food specials available Monday through Friday when ordered from your Bartender*

Monday – Bratwurst $4

Tuesday – Rufino Crispy Taco $4

Wednesday – Bufalo Wings $5

Thursday - Nachos (tortilla chips cooked to order) with homeade guac. $5

Friday – Pulled Pork Sliders $5


Alice’s Beers on Tap:

*Alice’s Rotating Seasonal Tap* - Ask your server!

Mountain Ale5.4% alc; 23 IBU’s. You’ll find this rich, medium bodied ale to have a well-balanced bouquet with a crisp cascade hop finish.

Skylonda Blonde Ale6.4% alc; 27 IBU’s. This full-bodied ale is a smooth mix of lightly roasted malts, subtle hop bitterness, and English yeast.This creamy and exceptionally drinkable ale pairs well with savory, spicy and rich foods.

Red Rye IPA7.1% alc; 84 IBU’s. Exceptionally well balanced with assertive hop bitterness, a toasty and bready malt mouth-feel, and a grassy, dry finish.

Full Boar Scotch Ale - 7.4 % alc; 12 IBU’s. Deeply malted and caramel apparent with overtones of chocolate and a slight hint of a mild, smoky flavor.

Blue Moon - 5.4% alc; 9 IBU’s. A Belgian White ale. The flavor starts crisp and tangy and ends with a coriander and orange spiciness. The Valencia orange peel gives a subtle sweetness to the beer.

Sierra Nevada - 5.6% alc; 37 IBU’s. It has a deep amber color and opens with bright, perky high notes of maltiness and orange blossom.

Lagunitas Pilsner – 6.2% alc. Where an ale might hit you over the head and take your wallet, lagers donate to charity and adopt stray cats. This is a beer that is very easy to get along with.

 Ace Pear Cider - 5% alc. Made from 100% pure, locally sourced apple juice and Pear essence. Offers a taste so fresh and natural it is already proving as popular as its more traditional apple counterpart

Racer 5 IPA- , American India Pale Ale – heavily hopped with Chinook, Cascade, Columbus and Cenennial.

Guinness Draught – 4.2% alc. A unique mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide helps create the liquid swirl that tumbles, surges and gradually separates into a black body and smooth creamy head from the first velvet sip to the last, lingering drop. And every deep-dark satisfying mouthful in between.
Pure beauty.


Bottled Beers:

Bud – Bud Light – Coors – Coors Light – MGD – Pabst 24oz – Fat Tire Amber Ale – Stella Artois – Anchor Steam – Heineken – Great White – Corona – Pacifico – Clausthaler (Non Alcoholic) – Smirnoff Ice

Alcohols offered:


Grey Goose – Titos – Absolut – Absolut Vanilla – Absolut Mandarin – Absolut Pepper – Ketel One – Ketel One Citroen – Stoli – Stoli Vanilla – Stoli Jalapeno- Russian Standard


Tradicional Blanco – Patron Silver – Cazadores Anejo – 1800 Silver – Don Julio Blanco – Don Julio Añejo – Cazadores Blanco – Cazadores Reposado – Milagro Blanco – Milagro Reposado – Milagro Anejo


Kracken Dark – Bacardi Superior – Myer’s Dark – Malibu – Captain Morgan’s


Bushmills – Jack Daniel’s – Jim Beam – Jameson – Seagram’s 7 – Crown Royal – Maker’s Mark – Bullet Rye


Johnny Walker Black – Johnny Walker Red – Macallan 12 year – Glenfiddich 18 year – J&B


Beefeater – Tanqueray – Hendricks – Bombay Sapphire

Brandy / Cognac / Other

El Presidente Brandy – Hennessy Cognac – Remy Martin VSOP – Absinthe – Pisco

Liqueurs / Cordials

Jager – Fernet – Grand Marnier – Melon – Bailey’s – Chambord – Peach Schnapps

Peppermint Schnapps – Kahlua – Drambuie